fire chief

Fire Chief McDonald and Sister #1 at the Swearing in Ceremony of over 200 firefighters, just prior to the first official day of business for the City of Scottsdale Fire Dept. on July 1, 2005.

"When tasked with the responsibility of creating a brand new Fire Department for the City of Scottsdale, I asked the Sisters to be part of my team. Their guidance was an integral factor in the success of the transition, and we are truly grateful to be able to call The Sisters friends of the SFD.

This was a once in a lifetime experience for all of us, and they helped make it smooth and enjoyable. The Sisters will forever be a part of our history."

Willie McDonald, Fire Chief
Scottsdale, Arizona

coastal green frozen foods owner

An impromptu book signing broke out when The Sisters were attending Craig Duswalt’s RockStar Marketing BootCamp in Los Angeles. Wende’s amazing book, Calm-Ass Leadership: Allowing Calm Assertive Energy to Transform Your Relationships had just come out and copies were going like hot cakes.

coastal green frozen foods owner

Members of the Executive Team from City of Vacaville, CA, Housing and Redevelopment Department share handfuls of different communication styles. Left to right: Cyndi Johnston, Director, along with Emily Cantu, Wende Wylie, Sister #2, Sande Roberts, Sister #, Anne Putney and Dee Gilliland.

Dear Sande,

I hope you and your Sister are doing well. I’m writing because, as you are probably aware, the City of San Jose underwent some major layoffs – the largest and most far reaching in our history. Our program was not immune. We lost over 1/3 of our team.

Additionally, many of us have had to let go of the relationships with community leaders and community members that we have had for so long.

At a recent leadership meeting we were discussing the difficulty everyone is having in dealing with the change, and that some people may no longer see this as the right fit for them. The awesome workshops you both offered to our team about two years ago was brought up, and suddenly everyone said, “Hey, we need The Sisters!” It was like we thought about calling the bat phone up!

We are hoping you can help us discuss change and accepting, or moving on, to change.

You are wildly popular here in San Jose and as always, we value your work, your wisdom, and your funny wit and way of getting us to see ourselves, and would very much enjoy having you help us explore and discuss this next part of our work and our journey with our communities.

Paul Pereira, Strong Neighborhoods Initiative, City of San Jose, California

After the workshops we received the following:

Thank you Sisters for an eye opening experience to overlay learning about each other’s colors and emotions with the stages that they are in, and thinking about the communities we work with in that lens.

We need to think about our neighborhoods and the people in those neighborhoods with the perspective of stages, and get them to support and teach each other.

Our two days with The Sisters was everything we hoped for to help us build seamless teams in our workgroup and in the community.

One tribe! Paul

P.S. The bat phone will be kept nearby.

coastal green frozen foods owner

Kenton Shank, Owner & President with Elias Tellez, HR Director at Coastal Green Frozen Foods in Oxnard, CA

"The Sisters didn't tell us what to do, they helped us figure out what we wanted, and with their guidance and business savvy we have turned the critical corner to even greater success. Everyone on our team is now in the right place, doing the right thing, making a contribution. And we're having fun.”

Kenton Shank, Owner
Coastal Green Frozen Foods

"I remember when I was first ordered to meet with The Sisters. I was annoyed because I thought it another little band aid that the Department was trying to put on a huge wound. I figured that I would show up, listen, go home and that would be that.

But when I met The Sisters, I knew things were different. I liked listening to the way the two of them spoke and viewed issues and people. It was the first time in all the years I worked there that I was not identified as "the problem." It was weird. They saw something worthwhile in me and that made me feel good.”

Rosemary Sedgwick,
9-1-1 Police and Fire Dispatcher

DDSD wins Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Year Award - 1/17/06, Antioch, California. L-R: Dennis Laniohan, Field Services Director; Shawn Redmond, Mechanical Technician of the Year, Gurmukh Grewal, Laboratory Person of the Year; and Gary Darling, General Manager

“We raised our organization’s ability to communicate clearly, appropriately and with passion and respect, thereby creating an environment of Choice for all employees. The Sister’s expertise is unparalleled with any communication consultants I have worked with in the past.”

Gary Darling, General Manager
Delta Diablo Sanitation District
Pittsburg-Antioch, California