COACHING PHILOSOPHY: Sometimes we need someone outside the problem to help us see all the options. You have all the answers you need, and we're really good at getting to the right questions. You make the Choice, we'll share our knowledge to help you succeed.

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Whether you run a small business or a third world country, a trusted advisor and coach helps you develop and implement your philosophy and realize your vision.

“The City of Vacaville has used the help of Sande Roberts to help us on our constant journey of improving and maintaining workplace relationships that result in a positive working environment. Using the True Colors as a base, Sande has helped some of our Departments in establishing an excellent framework for communication and understanding of different personalities. Beyond this, Sande has also worked on specific organizational issues that have resulted in re-organizations that have improved relationships and productivity at the same time.

Aside from all of this is one very tangible and valuable outcome of this process. Sande does individual coaching with staff to help resolve both relational and organizational problems. She develops her relationships with staff in a way that builds trust, then she can deliver results by working directly with problem employees to help them see that they are contributing to the issues. She also helps to get these employees to agree to either move on to a new job or rework their perspectives so that they can become productive employees again. This is difficult to do in a public organization riddled with rules and regulations that limit our ability to let people go for poor productivity. This is a huge asset to moving our organization forward in a time of financial crisis.”

Laura C. Kuhn
City Manager, City of Vacaville

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“Sande Roberts and Wende Wylie are the consultant’s consultants. Their expert counsel and guidance, combined with their vast experience in municipal government and community service, give their clients a significant edge and a critical sense of security.

As I created my public relations and crisis communications business, The Sisters were instrumental in guiding me through the factors of business development and establishing my company in the community. Their advice was crucial in finding effective solutions and avoiding potential pitfalls.

The Sisters are not simply consultants – they are coaches and mentors with a sixth sense about the needs of their clients. I can’t think of two people I’d rather have by my side during a crisis. The Sisters are two of a kind, and their work is essential to your professional and personal success.”

Dave Cieslak, President
Paradise Valley Public Relations
Paradise Valley, Arizona

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“During my talks with "The Sisters" I was impressed by their straight forward approach to everyday issues that seemed to be confronting my agency. We retained them with the idea of having them create a training program to help reduce the conflict both within the communications unit and also outside of the unit between the differing chains of command.

"The Sisters" provided skills to employees that they continue using to this day and can continue using into the future whether or not "The Sisters" are available to coach them. They most definitely provided skills to our unit that were important and valuable. They also provided coaching to many of our staff who have since tested and promoted to higher levels of responsibility within the organization.

I believe "The Sisters" can develop a program for your personnel that will allow them to communicate and interact at optimum levels. So much of our effectiveness as a community, especially on the management level, is not only being successful within but developing those relationships that help us to be successful on a global issue.”

Bryan MacDonald
City Council Member, City of Oxnard
Retired Assistant Police Chief

“The Sisters assisted the leadership of the Scottsdale Fire Department with our transition from a private provider model of fire and emergency medical services to our municipal model from 2005-2007. Recognizing that our leadership came from many different fire service organizations and backgrounds, The Sisters developed leadership and coaching opportunities designed to meet our organization’s unique needs.

The Sisters are not window dressing. They are smart, intuitive, experienced agents of appropriate individual and organizational growth. Embracing the kind of positive change takes organizational commitment and follow-through as well as individual willingness and accountability. Working with The Sisters is fun, but it’s also hard work.

The Sisters are unique, quirky, and wonderful. They are quick studies of human behavior who customize their approach and content for each person’s individual needs. They have an uncanny ability to rapidly assess the organizational landscape, conduct a professional development needs assessment, communicate their plan to leadership, and deliver meaningful content through traditional and nontraditional means.
We formally worked with The Sisters from January 2005 to June 2007. It was one of the most refreshing, unique, productive professional experiences I’ve had in my 20-plus years in the Fire Service. I still keep in touch with The Sisters as they would undoubtedly become a valued resource for me as my professional aspirations mature."

Garret Olson
Deputy Fire Chief, Operations
Scottsdale Fire Department

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Using the same philosophy that helps professional athletes, we will get you on the field and into the game of Real Life at work, at home, in the community, and on the playing field.

Doug"After 30+ years as a recreation professional, I was confident I could handle most situations at my job; but often getting too close to the action and too involved in day to day duties causes you to loose focus. In a positive, encouraging and no nonsense way, Wende reminded me with suggestions and techniques, ways for improving and enhancing my professional abilities and my personal life. Wende focused on in-depth studies of communication techniques, male/female differences and a deeper understanding of personal thought and decision making processes. All were extremely enlightening and helpful. I appreciated her support, her positive comments and the "homework" she gave that got me thinking and working on my thoughts and actions. I became cognizant of behavior patterns that with just a slight tweak made a big difference personally. Wende is a good coach - she refined tips and techniques to keep them in the forefront of my thinking and also provided new and deeper ways of looking at things. She made a lot of sense. My friends and family also benefited from what I learned. I would recommend Wende's coaching style and ability to anyone."

Doug DeFabio, Recreation Supervisor
City of Vacaville, Community Services Department
"Advancing California's Park and Recreation Profession"

“You have been an amazing friend and mentor. I know sometimes when my ego takes over I can come to you for perspective, I love that. You're kind of like my choke chain. You calmly and assertively yank my chain, not to hurt me but to take me out of that state of mind :) Thank you for being a part of my life, you have been such a blessing to me. ”

Rosemary Sedgwick
Thousand Oaks, California

“In law enforcement we always train for shooting, driving and defensive tactics, but we never take care of our minds. I feel like I have learned so much about myself and feel almost reborn. It is never too late to better yourself and enjoy life even more. People who say they do not have any problems at times need the most help.”

Charles "Woody" Woodruff
Police Officer

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Targeted to get you through a difficult time or special event in your life usually brought on by change or the need to change.

“The only exercise I used to get was jumping to conclusions! I now communicate honestly, respectfully, and without fear. The Sisters helped me see that it was never about me, yet always about me. Choosing not to be the victim has empowered me to move forward with my career.”

Kim Greer, Risk Manager
Solano County, California

“After being laid off at the age of 50, the thought of starting over seemed impossible until I met The Sisters. They showed me there are many opportunities still available in today's job market, and helped me realize my age was an asset and not a liability. The Sisters demonstrated to me how our generation as a whole has a strong work ethic, more experience and fewer distractions. I am now brushing up on my computer skills, which will allow me to be successful in my new career. The Sisters gave me the confidence to pursue a career that not only provides for my family, but something that I will enjoy doing everyday!”

Clifton Mills G. G.,
Ventura, Ca.

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Every coach needs a wide and diverse group of resources with which to help their clients with their many issues. Sometimes just getting another viewpoint can open the door to helping your entire clientele.

“I have no idea who these people are or why they asked for my testimonial.”

Donald Trump

Cristin and Bella

“You are an incredible coach's coach and mentor. When I began working with you almost 2 years ago, you were instrumental in my transition into coaching. Your guidance assisted me with getting my new coaching business off the ground and you continue to be a highly valued confidant for both my personal and business growth.

Your extraordinary communication skills are something everyone should learn from and have significantly improved the communication I have with my clients and in my personal life. I have worked with other coaches in the past and the value and wisdom you provide far surpasses anything I know of...”

Cristin Stolfo
Illuminated Coaching

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