This information about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) on this website is provided as a public courtesy to help expand the use of EFT in the world. While Gary Craig and EFT encourage such efforts, they cannot evaluate or endorse the multitudes of them that exist. Thus this website represents the good faith ideas of its founders but not necessarily those of Gary Craig or EFT.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a new discovery that has provided great results in reducing the physical and emotional symptoms related to stress and anxiety. Application of EFT allows you to attain and maintain a state of Calm-Assertive energy.

It is a unique version of acupuncture except you don't use needles. Instead, you stimulate well established energy points on your body by tapping on them with your fingertips. The process is easy to memorize and you can do it anywhere.

How Does It Work?
The body runs on electrical energy; enough to power a small town! If you placed an ohm-meter (a device which measures the flow and resistance of electricity) on your body when you were happy, you would see the energy flow smoothly. However, if you experienced a negative emotion such as anger, anxiety, fear, or other stress-related emotion, the meter would show a definite reduction in flow of energy or "resistance."

You could remove the resistance by changing your emotional state, or you could change your emotional state by increasing the flow of energy. Both are effective, however EFT is by far the fastest and easiest method to reduce stress and anxiety.

Who Uses It?
We deliver this training to Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, 9-1-1 Emergency Dispatchers, people in high stress environments. They use it for themselves and others to ensure the best possible outcome. It is becoming more widely used in dental offices and surgical centers to relieve fear and anxiety, and professional speakers and performers use it to eliminate stage fright.

You will learn the causes of stress and the exact application of EFT for issues related to emotional upsets, conflicts, crises, and anxiety-inducing situations. You will be able to apply these concepts to yourself and others and assist others through trying situations with Calm-Assertive energy. Important note: While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it. Further, The Sisters and Associates are not licensed health professionals and offer EFT as a method of stress reduction. Where appropriate, qualified physicians should be consulted. Visit Gary Craig's EFT site www.emofree.com to download the free EFT Basics Manual, read or subscribe to the EFT Newsletter and watch a short video about EFT.

You can download a free copy of Wende Wylie's Surrogate EFT manual: Helping Helpers: Using Surrogate EFT for Emergencies right here. (PDF format)

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