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Life is Spoken in 5 Stages
Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization
Written by Dave Logan, John King and Halee Fischer-Wright

Stage One:    Comprising about 1% of the workforce. These people are despairingly hostile—they may create scandals, steal from the company, or even threaten or carry out violent acts. Their morals are minimal and they are perpetually negative and apathetic. They are in victim and raw survival mode.
Language: Life Itself Sucks!

Stage Two:   The dominant culture for 23 percent of the workplace. This is where there is a glimmer of hope that something matters. Yet from their perspective they feel that they do all the work and everyone else gets the credit or the prize. They are full of anger, resentment and complaints. This stage includes people who are passively antagonistic, sarcastic, and resistant to change or improvement and want to advance without having to work for it.
Language: My Life Sucks, But Things Are Sure Working Out For You.

Stage Three: About half of the workplace is in this stage. They are lone warriors who not only want to win, but are driven to be the best. Here is where people want to be recognized for individual accomplishment above all else. They may feel they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Good deeds, heroes and super stars prevail. They are constantly comparing themselves to others in order to feel successful.
Language: My Life Is Great, Yours Isn't As Great As Mine!

Stage Four:   About 25% of the workforce is here where the goals are greater than one person can accomplish alone. This is where true teams and networks form to accomplish the transition from “I’m great” to “we’re great.” People are truly inspired and are excited to work together for the benefit of their whole group, company, or even country. Everyone gets acknowledged and working together appears seamless.
Language: We're Great, They’re Not As Great As Us!

Stage Five:    Less than 2 percent of workplace culture is in this stage when people who have made substantial innovations seek to use their potential to make a global impact. These are the glory moments of the shared experience where everyone gets to bask in the accomplishment.
Language: Life is Great!!

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