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Michele Crose, Recreation Supervisor, Community Services Department, City of Vacaville, CA and Sister #1, get an overview of the communication styles of the Management Team. The array of blends of colors leads to appreciating the unique and individual ways of how each person communicates their perspectives.

We use the communication and personality style exercises and assessment tools from True Colors to establish a common language by which we communicate core motivations, needs and behaviors.

As we learn about Green, Blue, Orange and Gold spectrums we are able to further increase understanding of individual commonalities and differences and how that impacts our ability to work together.

The styles break into four different color categories. We discover creative thinking Greens who have analytical intelligence; dependable and loyal Golds who have process intelligence; adventurous and resourceful Oranges who have intuitive intelligence; and authentic and compassionate Blues who have emotional intelligence.

We find great value in this four-color system so you can begin to see your own and others’ ways of communicating as equally valid and useful varieties of human behavior and start to draw upon each other’s strengths instead of focusing on weaknesses.

The theory behind True Colors is not new. It can be traced back to Hippocrates; Carl Jung’s personality or temperament differences; the Myers-Briggs MBTI; and David Keirsey. Eventually Don Lowry translated these multiple theories into simple and practically applied information, bringing complex ideas out of both academia and psychotherapy and setting them in clear, real life applications as True Colors.

Life is Heard in 4 Colors
From the book Showing our True Colors Written by Mary Miscisin

GREENS are curious about life and want to learn and teach and share their philosophies. Greens tend to be knowledgeable, competent, creative, and strategic. Greens need time to ponder and it is never personal when a Green challenges and asks questions. Their investigations lead to their innovative ideas which allow them to show how much they care by solving the problems.

Greens need time alone to process the myriad of information that flows through their creative minds, which can cause them to appear aloof, when in reality they are busy contemplating numerous possibilities of ways to improve things.

BLUES are the optimistic and compassionate caretakers and peacemakers of the world. Blues are our passionate true romantics giving deeply with heartfelt caring for others, often putting the needs of others ahead of themselves. Blues are great at mentoring, resolving problems and avoiding conflict. Their joy comes from seeing others happy and finding solutions where everyone wins.

Blues refuel by spending time helping others, which can sometimes be interpreted as being over involved and too soft. Blues are often artistic and may express themselves through creative dress, or involvement in the arts.

ORANGES have enough energy to fuel the planet. They are spontaneous, passionate, adventuresome, optimistic, playful, master negotiators and are comfortable pushing boundaries and taking risks and not sweating the small stuff. They are excellent at handling critical incident situations that require quick and accurate thinking and action.

Oranges have a flair for flamboyance and are often easy to hear or see in a crowd. Sometimes others see this as flaky or flirtatious and not taking things seriously. An Orange always has good intentions of being on time and whether they start five minutes or five hours early they invariably get delayed and distracted by trying to do one more thing too many.

GOLDS are the pillars of responsibility and reliability at work, in the community and at home. Golds are organized, detail oriented, have a strong sense of duty and belief in rules and regulations, and are most comfortable in a structured environment. Golds enable us to continue the traditions that have been sacred for hundreds of years.

A Gold’s need to be authoritative, set boundaries, and stay in control makes it more difficult for Golds to handle change than those who lead from Green Blue or Orange. A Gold may hang onto a way it’s always been done to avoid the possibility of an error in leaving out an important step in the midst of change.

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