Playful, insightful, energizing workshops give you the opportunity to explore and express personal creativity and experiences of deep satisfaction that nourish the soul.
Find the magic, unleash your childhood enthusiasm, lock up your inner critic
and play along on our great adventures.

Permission Spoon - Part One
During this adventure, you will have fun and be inspired as you discover courage, passion, enthusiasm, joy, optimism and contentment in your life. You will discover ways to get out of "stuck" situations that can cause discouragement, frustration and feelings of being overwhelmed.

Magic Wand - Part Two
Be your own fairy godmother by joining us as you create your own magic wand. Embark upon a strategic adventure and plot your course past the swamp of not enough, through the jungle of just enough, and forward to the land of plenty where there is more than enough.

Treasure Chest - Part Three
What kind of fun would it be if you didn't find a treasure chest at the end of an adventure? "X" will mark the spot as you travel with the benefit of nine amazing principles and ingenious techniques to confirm and embrace your power. You will be gifted with happiness as you create a treasure chest of accomplishments showcasing your ability to identify strengths, overcome challenges, and be perpetually reminded that you are awesome.

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Workshops are currently being held live
and in person in Phoenix, Arizona

For Information and Reserverations Contact
Sande Roberts, Bequeather of Permission
480-748-5527, or email:



Permission Spoon Adventures © 2011 Sande Roberts

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