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Sande Roberts, Sister #1, is a Sports Psychology and Crisis Intervention Specialist. She will help you identify and overcome obstacles, maintain focus, and manage distractions where mental

Sande is a master builder of collaborative relationships, with a proven track record of assessing needs and creating solutions including the ability to build new relationships, strengthen existing relationships, and mend shattered relationships.

Many up-and-coming civic leaders, veteran government officials, professional and weekend athletes, and people from every walk of life have benefited from her consulting, individual coaching, and mentoring.

Sande often uses the philosophy of Sports Psychology where she is able to turn the achievement of peak performance into a format that anyone can learn and implement successfully at work, at home, in the community, or on the playing field.

Sande is often called on for her extensive expertise in the Behavioral Health field, especially in crisis and critical incident situations. She has a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, and is a Trainer of Trainers in crisis assessment and intervention.

Sande will get you on the field and into the game of Real Life. Contact Sande

Wende Wylie, Sister #2, is a life-long student of Philosophy and Behavioral Science. She is a dynamic speaker, coach and trainer. Working with her will be fun, interesting, challenging and provocative. She'll make you laugh; make you look; make you reflect;
help you get it.

Wende has a unique way of presenting material with humor, real life examples, uncensored discussions, and effective training drills. She will show you how to see things from a new perspective, and you won't even know you are learning and growing.

Wende is a retired Fire Service Training Officer. During her career she was named Firefighter of the Year and decorated for heroism. Contact Wende

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