"I recommend The Sisters without reservation to any organization trying to improve communications internally and externally.

The employees in our maintenance division had singled one employee out as a detriment to the team. As self-fulfilling prophecies go, the employee soon could do nothing right. The first day of training, I literally had to extract one staff member from the bathroom to attend. After 40 hours of intensive training over two months, learning communications tools, all employees in the group committed to working together as a team. Today that employee is an integrated member in the team.

    The benefits of these communications programs have:
  • Extended beyond the workplace to family life
  • Helped management and employees alike in dealing with difficult co-workers
  • Helped management and employees alike in dealing with critical issues including union negotiations, disgruntled citizens, and cultural differences
  • Helped the Department in handling difficult and sensitive situations

The buy-in to establishing effective organizational communications needs to have commitment from senior management to be most effective. The benefits will be evidenced in morale, productivity and smiling faces."

Rob Fowler, Operations Department Manager
Dublin San Ramon Services District
Dublin, California

performance and customer service


Have you ever held your breath as you passed a customer off to the next resource, concerned that everything you accomplished would disappear and you'd have to start all over again? This workshop will show how you can coordinate multiple individuals in different areas to serve the same customer seamlessly and effectively.

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This workshop reveals your greater communication skills in dealing with challenging people. Often our fear of offending people keeps us from recognizing the true issue at hand and addressing it directly, respectfully, and effectively. Your method of helping can have a lasting impact on everyone involved.

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We find that people feel over-evaluated and under-appreciated. They don't want more evaluations of their lack of performance, and they REALLY don't want someone working on their weaknesses.

They want to know what they are GOOD at; they want tools they can apply immediately that show them how awesome they are and where they can put those strengths to work right away. That opens the door to bringing their challenges to the table and feeling confident in working on those, especially with everyone on the team doing the same.

Carli"The Sisters’ RLS360PE is the most innovative and exciting approach to solving a decades-old problem of how to identify our strengths and challenges in a manner that effectively moves us forward. This approach leaves people inspired to learn, grow and improve performance as a collaborative effort."

--Lt. John Carli, Vacaville Police Department

This is a breakthrough technology which addresses and eliminates every problem typical 360s and other evaluation processes create.

This is a live, facilitated and documented evaluation process which drastically reduces the time and effort of supervisors and includes all aspects covered in the usual processes. People are energized and enlivened by this process, and left inspired to excel and partner in the excellent performance of others. Results are so amazing we haven't been able to explain them.

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A Team With Heart is a group of people who have made the commitment to:
Communicate with each other; Work out problems; Hold each other accountable; Be approachable regarding any issue; Help each other see things clearly; Always speak respectfully to and about their teammates; Share their skills, knowledge, and information to help others succeed.

When you create a Team With Heart, you will have people who:

Are motivated and enthusiastic
Communicate effectively with others
Have fewer conflicts and complaints
Recover from change easily
Handle customer needs smoothly
Solve their own problems
Enjoy making a contribution
Experience reduced stress, injuries and illnesses


“I am compelled to extend my gratitude for a multiple of reasons. I had so much fun in the Teambuilding Workshop and wanted to thank you for giving me an exciting opportunity to learn, have fun and not feel for one second that I was wasting my time.”

Theresa Lannigan, Sr. Analyst, Safety Officer
City of San Jose Police Department

A Team With Heart Training at the San Jose International Airport


(Based on the book Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan...) This cutting edge workshop will help your organization align around a common purpose that will move you to hallmarks of achievement. With a simple understanding of a common language, morale and performance will soar. Everyone MUST have this workshop!

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Often people will resolve a conflict between the obvious parties, however, others who were indirectly involved may still be affected. This workshop helps identify the full extent of the effects of conflict and helps to completely resolve all aspects. The result is an environment where it is safe to express one's ideas and disagreements with passion and energy, and where misunderstandings are identified and replaced with clear communication, respect and honor to all parties, putting people back on purpose.

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Even though you don't get to pick your co-workers, you do have some say in your workplace experience. In this workshop you will learn exactly how to create community in the workplace where everyone knows they make a difference.

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This workshop is for anyone who has ever called a meeting together. Are your meetings too long, too short, or a mish mash of topics? Learn how to have the right amount of meetings, and how to accomplish your goals. Additionally you will learn strategies behind how decisions get made, what needs to get on the bosses desk, and the most effective ways to track projects.

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This may be the most powerful, difficult and rewarding day you’ll ever spend. You will leave this workshop with a completely new understanding of men, whether in your personal life, in the workplace, at school or in your community. This workshop shows that men communicate in a non-verbal, universal language that is very different from the way in which women communicate. Every relationship in your life will be enhanced by this workshop.

"The Hidden Language of Men workshop was thoroughly enjoyable, mostly because Wende Wylie is so engaging and committed to helping others lead fulfilling lives. There was a lot of information given but I never felt overwhelmed because it all made such perfect sense. Male and Female energies are different and yet absolutely compatible and Wende gives plenty of useful examples. Knowing how your partner tends to experience the world takes away layers of confusion which can get in the way of honest communication, and who doesn't want that? There was plenty of time for discussion and questions and interacting with our partners. It was well worth every minute!"

Karen Rusk

"Hearing the concepts behind the languages of love was an eye opener. I now realize what my primary communication styles are, and I know what Karen's are, and I realized that they can be different and we can still have a successful relationship. With this knowledge I can now offer the love she deserves in the language she "understands".

Doug Rusk

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In this energizing workshop you will identify skills and abilities you never knew you had, and learn how to apply what you thought was a specific strength to many areas of your life. You will find a deeper level of confidence and competence than you’ve ever experienced before.

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This unique workshop looks at leadership from a calm-assertive perspective. With emphasis on building trust, patience and consistency in dealings with others, participants will find their strengths and know how to help others find theirs.

For more information and to purchase the book "Calm-Ass Leadership" Click Here.

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Preparing for and adjusting to change is stressful. Thousands of people are going to work as usual, but it isn’t the usual work any more. Couple that with going to your desk and it isn’t where it used to be. It isn’t “Office Space” however economic challenges have caused most workplaces to condense or re-organize their operation. This workshop will help you learn how to manage stress that comes from both positive and negative life experiences. You will be able to apply these concepts to yourself and others and assist others through trying situations.

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The Sisters give up their secret formula for putting the right people in the right positions. This is what we're famous for and how our client's most difficult people turn out to be their most valuable employees! Sometimes the job changes and the person who was perfect yesterday is no longer able to play to their strengths in their old position. This workshop for decision makers will give you the skills and the "chutzpa" to take the steps necessary for stellar performance.

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Middle managers have to speak two languages--upper management and line staff--and interpret effectively in both worlds. This is where leadership really beings. How to bring any group of people together and form a team instantly by identifying needs of the individuals and teams, including managing telecommuters and satellite offices where face-to-face contact is rare.

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This unique workshop looks at leadership from a calm-assertive perspective. With emphasis on building trust, patience and consistency in dealings with others, participants will find their strengths and know how to help others find theirs. Many great leaders can’t tell you what they did to become great leaders. This is because people don’t become great leaders just by what they do. People become great leaders because of how they think. And great leaders influence others to be the best they can be without even knowing it.

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This unique workshop shows you exactly how to set your personal and professional goals and meet them without fail, and the minimum amount of action.  You will learn how to determine what you really want and the exact steps to receiving everything you deserve. You will never be the same after this experience.


Dear Wende and Sande,

Thank you both so much for coming to San Jose to train us on team building, strategic planning and customer service.  When my best friend and co-worker, Sandra, returned from your last training, her enthusiasm and energy over your class was uncontainable.  Needless to say, Sandra returned for more and I was fortunate she brought me with her.  Wow, all of her praises were accurate because I am now the one who is sharing them.  I want to thank you both sincerely for the important work that you do.  Many of us want to make positive changes in our lives and you've given us direction and the tools we can actually use.  You both gifted me with several breakthrough-mental-shift-moments that I had been hoping and searching for so long.  We can't wait until you both return to San Jose!

Heartfelt Thanks and Appreciation,
Mini Le


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You let us know what you want to accomplish. We'll work together to create a Workshop or Retreat that gets the results you desire. And we'll make it fun, interesting, memorable, and most important… lastingly effective.

“The Sisters understand business and the different personalities that manifest themselves into a workplace. The key to our success was helping our company understand ourselves. We identified each of our executives “inner” personality strengths which opened the door for us to capitalize on these strengths and develop a strategy for a successful management transition and business plan. ”

Gary Skrel, President
The Covello Group
Walnut Creek, California

The Covello Group, Walnut Creek, CA

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